About Me

Jeff Guerrero at Wolf's Den Pottery

Jeff Guerrero after loading the Wolf’s Den Pottery salt kiln.

I’m an arts educator in Pittsburgh, PA. I teach digital arts and ceramics. I work in an awesome studio with amazing fellow artists and enthusiastic (yet patient) teachers.

Ceramics brought me to the Japanese tea ceremony. I’m licensed to study the way of tea by the Urasenke school. My teacher is Yuko Eguchi, whose tea name is Soyu (宗裕).

My friends call me a “foodie”. I have a penchant for home-cooked ethnic foods, but I also have many friends in the restaurant world and I enjoy their work immensely. And while I love tea, I don’t think I’ll ever give up coffee.

The potter’s wheel isn’t the only wheel in my life. I’m an avid cyclist, and I especially enjoy mountain biking. As I get older I appreciate it more for the time I spend in close proximity to nature than for the pursuit of fitness (though it’s good to balance my love of food).

My mentors include the executive director of NCECA, the founder of Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild, and a professor we affectionately call Greeny.