My Craft

Oribe Tea Bowl

One of my Oribe-style tea bowls in use during a Japanese tea ceremony.

I enjoy making functional pottery. I believe that by making functional, one of a kind pieces, the end user of the product is able to incorporate art into their daily life. I’m especially interested in making ceramics for use in the Japanese tea ceremony.

My interest in Japanese pottery began in 2007. I was fortunate enough to spend considerable time with two potters from Shigaraki, Japan during their month-long residency at Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild (where I work). Later, I became friends with a Japanese-American potter who taught me much of what I know.

I focus predominantly on the potter’s wheel, and while most of my work is fired in a gas or electric kiln, I also enjoy wood-firing, soda-firing, and salt-firing. Please take a look at the work in my gallery, and perhaps consider purchasing a piece from my Etsy shop.