Under Construction

constructionMost of us have been there before… You attempt to make a small modification or fix a tiny problem, then you open a whole can of worms. This has proven to be the case this morning, and now my website is deserving of an old-school animated under construction gif.

But as is often the case, this will likely result in overall improvement. So while I would have preferred to spend the next few nights in the studio, instead I’ll be at the computer. (Either way, I have a good reason to put off doing the laundry for one more night.)


Welcome to the new home for Guerrero Ceramics on the web. For several years I had been getting by with a free blog, but several factors influenced me to create this new website.

First, with the ubiquity of social media, it seems like an unnecessary chore to update a stand-alone blog (especially when you’re lucky if a handful of people regularly visit). So please, if you want to keep informed of my latest work, adventures, etc., connect with me by “liking” my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Google+.

The other reason I’ve decided to upgrade to this new website is that I simply like the way it looks. And I hope that you do, too.