Packaging and Presentation

Packaging and Presentation

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packagingIf you want to be a great writer, you have to read great books. If you want to be a good potter, you have to experience good pottery. So I believe that if you want to be successful at sales, you have to be an experienced customer.

I’m very grateful for what I’ve learned through purchasing things from other craftspeople, especially with regard to packaging. I’ve been especially inspired by Mitsuko Siegrist. Her use of craft paper, string, and other elements makes it seem like each order is actually a gift from a friend.

I’m also inspired by contemporary Japanese packaging, specifically the kind used for wagashi (Japanese sweets). In America, when you buy a snack cake, you’ll typically get a plastic wrapper with gaudy printing. In Japan you’re likely to peel a paper wrapper from a tastefully printed box, which in turn contains carefully wrapped confections. Opening the package is an experience. Whenever I can, I attempt to emulate that experience with my packaging.

I also try to impart a personal touch with each order by sending a short hand-written note. I genuinely appreciate hearing from my customers, so I imagine that they, too, enjoy the interaction.

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